5 important tips for analysis of biotech stocks before investment for beginner.

Investment on #biotech #stocks through #NASDAQ need to understand tips that are here listed.

Assess your #financial situation.

Biotech stocks are usually expensive and risky because we are always discovering new technology and solution as a #pharmaceutical products, vaccine or a drug for cure a diseases! Such as what we see in #Pfizer #BioNTech vaccine that used mRNA as a #vaccination agent and win the competition between all vaccines!

Assess risks of trading, buying and selling stocks

#NASDAQ and all other stocks market are always full of challenge and you should be familiar with terms and definition of risks and accept it in your #trades structure and function

Assess diversity of biotech stocks, their technologies and policies for short term, mid term and long term:

#Biotechnology companies usually valued based on current products and their vision and concentration on under R&D products and diversity of services, products and risk of new technology and solution against those products make one stocks valuable that you can extract it from their websites.

Don’t get emotional: trades always follow rules, sharks behavior, news and Regulators license.

Emotional trading is always risky and mean loosing #money in a ocean that can not back easily so its important to follow rules, news, sharks behavior in market and regulator news that is usually available at #FDA : Food and Drug Administrator of America Website.

Assess a stock’s volatility based on news, new technology introduction and risks roadmap

biotech companies stocks are very risky because they are founded based on technology and technology is always update by new scientific discoveries, so you should understand volatility of stocks that happen by news, technology and this is a risky factor for young investors.

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