Are biotechnology and genetic engineering the same ?

One of main question asked by students, and the people about #science categories is that, are #biotechnology and #genetic_engineering the same? They are looking and want to know more about #biotechnology_course, #biotechnology_career and relationship between different categories.

You know when we say #biology science we found that we are all tries to understand #life. But how we are going to do it and from which aspects, this is the start point that different scientific categories will made such as #bioinformatics, #immunoinformatics, #immunology, #pharmacology, #microbiology, #genetics, #biochemistry and #biophysics. But biotechnology and genetic engineering are two forms of industrialized science for creating service and products to earn #money!

This two categories are same in fundamental definitions and their applications, but genetics engineering act more basic and focused on #gene, #chromosome, #regulator_factors and #vectors but biotechnology act differently and tries to use everything from bioinformatics, #computational_biology, #system_biology, chemistry and everything that can help us achieving a product such as #vaccine, #enzyme and #hormones. Biotechnology tries to come out of #laboratory to create an industrialized process in large volume to create an economic niche in market. But genetic engineering is concentrate on laboratory, data and doing things basically that in next step will result industrial products as food and drugs to other things. Biotechnology have a look on large scale bio process for commercial purpose but genetic engineering concentrate on R&D and universities to understand details of life by changing elements!

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