Biotech stocks and Vaccines! Short review

Biotechnology as an integrated field of science made a big money making economy through our society and big biopharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries based on biology and biotechnology discoveries developed a billion dollar products and services, from personal medicine cure methods, to diagnostics kits, vaccines and drugs. This movement creates a very good opportunity for investors to invest in biotech stocks in different stock markets such as NASDAQ and NYSE stock markets. And these big companies by starting point of STD diseases, Sexual transmitted diseases such as HIV, HPV, Syphilis and Chlamydia. Creating services and products related to these diseases made a billion dollar economy and soon companies who invested in these products made a big value on their shares in the stock market but the next challenge was Covid19 pandemic that threatened millions of lives. But vaccines as a prevention tool for making artificial immunity against pathogens made a big change and solved this problem. Industries and biotech companies that invest on R&D sections to develop vaccines for different pathogen agents make a big change in their stock values and today we saw a big stock market trades on biotech stock on NASDAQ that cover covid19 vaccine products that are approved by FDA.
These companies based on different vaccine production technology they used find a good market niche but the most successful brand that used innovative solutions for making a vaccine against covid19 was Pfizer BioNTech company that made a mRNA vaccine. Soon their stock value increased explosively and made their owners billionaires.

So by understanding future pandemics and companies’ technologies against them we can find the best stock for the next investment and this is a key point in the history of the biotech stock market that a vaccine changed the formula of the market and made a group of people millionaires.

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