Biotechnology circular economy

The Biotechnology economy is one of the greatest fast growing economic niches that control an important part of the medicine, food and health market in the US. Biotech stocks are an important part of NASDAQ and NYSE stocks market and lots of people as shareholders control and join this market cap.

Circular economy definitions

The circular economy is a concept for an economic systems solution framework that faces international challenges like waste, pollution, biodiversity challenges and global climate change that big industries try to design a system to circulate wastes and resources.

This is a circle of resources to make sure about maximum usage of things we have for making a qualified product. In another language, the circular economy is a concept for the nature friendly bio processes and chemical processes that target recycles resources such as carbon to reduce the ecosystem pollution.

Circular economy examples:

Circular economy is a chain of manufacturing and products that are targeted to decrease waste by using it as a resource for making new products or services. This is a link between products and wastes to make sure about clean green life.

Circular economy in agriculture biotechnology.

Agriculture biotechnology makes a big revolution in the economic power of countries in the world who invest on the new genetic and molecular techniques to make better qualified food, drug and biotech products.

This economic model concentrated on zero waste policy and used wastes as a resource for running other bioprocesses and making a new product .

Circular economy in agriculture biotechnology run by multiple strategies such as designing and growing a circular economy with fungal biotechnology to run fermentation and bio processes in bioreactors. This makes a sector known as fungal biotechnology that concentrates on metabolism engineering of fungies for FDA approved industrial processes. For this purpose we should have a review on the fungal biotechnology definition to understand the details of this process and get enough knowledge about the role of fungi in biotechnology.

Biotechnology circular economy

Biotechnology economy is based on using different resources for handling bio processes economically with less time and cost and for this purpose like a metabolism pathways, each material in the biotech industries programmed for the next bio process for producing new products. This is what is simply called, Biotechnology circular economy policy, that will save industries and make a big income for the biotech corporations.

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