Biotechnology jobs in California

Finding a good Biotechnology jobs in California, is one of important issues for graduated and professions in biotechnology, So in this article we have a review on how to find a good Biotech jobs in California and how Biotechnology engineer will find good opportunity in a good biotechnology career

Biotechnology Engineer

Biotechnology engineers play an important role in science based industries such as fermented food, biopharmaceuticals, Wine and Bread industries. A biotech engineer consults medical and medicine related industries. Today Bio R&D sectors are handled by biotech engineers and make big discoveries in modern therapeutic molecules and vaccines.

Biotech engineer salary in India is about 14k USD Yearly and in America is about 112k USD per year, Biotech engineers under different Job titles usually handle projects and protocols for using an organism as an alive system to handle a bioprocess for making a new product. These products would be food, pharmaceutical products and therapeutics molecules.

California Biotechnology

California with about 39.1 million population in 2021 and over 3800 life science corporations is one of pioneering states in the US in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals products and by a simple search you can always find about 7000 to 8000 job offers about Biotechnology and life science daily. These biotech job offers usually report an average of 33 to 41k USD salary per year and everyone knows South San Francisco as a birthplace of Biotechnology and home of big biotech corporations such as Genentech.

The California Biotechnology ecosystem makes a powerful economic niche for this state and the US. The California Biotechnology sector concentrates on different niches such as Anti cancer therapeutic drugs, Plant biotechnology, Water purification biotechnology and food biotechnology.

This sector focuses on the biopharmaceutical manufacturing, electromedical device for measuring bio signals, Bio chemical agents and products, developing new diagnostics kits for virus and bacteria detection and absolutely Federal, State and Local governmental regulators and monitoring systems.

Biotechnology Jobs in California

Biotechnology jobs in Biotech sectors usually based on the different roles, responsibilities and conditions divide to different categories such as : Biochemical Engineers, Biochemists and Biophysicists, Biological Technicians, Biologists, Biomedical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Chemical Technicians, Chemists, Compliance Officers, Electrical Engineers, Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Epidemiologists, Management Analysts, Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists, Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians, Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists, Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists, Microbiologists, Natural Sciences Managers, Statisticians and Technical Writers that handle to California Biotech niche.

Biotech Research & Development Jobs in California

One of the important sectors that handle the biotechnology economy is R&D sectors and research laboratories that make a connection between Industries and education sectors. In California over 4.6 Billion dollars spent for NIH funding in 2019 and over 32 k patents submitted around biotechnology science and this make California the top rank first one in medical device companies and Employment in this sector. Academic research is an important part of California’s bio economy because California has 29 community colleges with Biotechnology courses that always have connections with 3780 biopharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations that are located in California state. All of these educational and industrial ecosystems cover 24.3 Billion Dollar exports in 2018!

All of the life science associations and innovative public biotechnology companies in California make this ecosystem one of most powerful economic and scientific in the world for job seekers.

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