In May 2020, Group of students from Oxford university released the Coronavirus Antibody Database (‘CoV-AbDab’) to Manage and capture molecular information on existing coronavirus-binding antibodies, and to track what we anticipated would be a boon of data on antibodies able to bind SARS-CoV-2. At the time, They had found around 300 relevant antibody sequences and a handful of solved crystal strTuctures, most of which were characterized shortly after the SARS-CoV epidemic of 2003. We had no idea just how many SARS-CoV-2 binding antibody sequences would come to be released into the public domain

10 months later (2nd March 2021), They have tracked 2,673 coronavirus-binding antibodies, ~95% with full Fv sequence information and ~5% with solved structures. These data points originate from 100s of independent studies reported in either the academic literature or patent filings.

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