Economy is a definition for showing our diversity on products, service and innovative solution for living. But internet as a revolutionary technology that change our life help us creating digital definition and replace previous world basic concepts with new creative things such as cryptocurrencies that change our behavior today and people are looking to this definition as an investment for changing their life and they search these queries on the internet such as cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022, cryptocurrencies to buy, cryptocurrencies for beginners and cryptocurrencies to watch and it shows that this made a big change through human life. Statistics about bitcoin as a pioneer digital money shows that people are looking for bitcoin mining and bitcoin news on the net, but how does this blockchain based technology created by Satoshi Nakamoto changed our world and thousands of digital crypto money made such as Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tether, Solana, Cardano, USD Coin and XRP that contain billion dollar trade volume on top exchange companies like Binance, Coinbase Exchange, FTX, Kraken, KuCoin, Huobi Global and Bit Finex. These crypto coins change face of economy and investment methods through our world and they are a threat in short term for big stock markets like NASDAQ and NYSE. Because normal people trust these bet based trades through internet and their money is at risk by laws, but they see how Price fluctuations is profitable for them and they continue it until system collapse.

Soon we will back to cryptocurrencies and how they affect biotechnology and bioinformatics science but now let see how biotechnology and bioinformatics science change our world and then we will create a relationship map through these conceptual words.

Biotechnology is the science of engineering biological units from a cell, to a chromosome, from a vector to one single cell bacteria. Biotechnology as an integrated field of science target genetic unit of cell for special purpose such as pharmaceutics proteins to antibody generating, controlling regulator factor and molecular metabolism pathway and today biotechnology get a good share on the stock markets and economic niche because they develop new products such as biopharmaceuticals and cosmetics that really made a billion dollar economy. Biotechnology used different scientific discoveries and their vision such as biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, computational biology, bioinformatics, immunoinformatics, synthetic biology, computer programming and anything that can help a biotechnologist to create a model and understand biological structure and function to change them for a special purpose from personal medicine to special molecules for curing cancer and virus based pandemic like covid19 and HPV, HIV and syphilis. Biotechnology solved lots of problem from food processing by fermentation in wine and bread industries to bio remediation processes in industries that pollute water and air. Today biotechnology based on statistics, mathematics models and facts used computers and algorithms to engineer every unit and molecule by molecule of living organism and they call it : Bioinformatics !
Today internet space Is full of requests and data about bioinformatics course, bioinformatics data, bioinformatics career, bioinformatics lecture and python for bioinformatics. This social movement through bioinformatics change our vision to the world to change it as the way we want it from GMO to plants and animals with a special phenotype and features. Today bioinformatics play an important role for new generation vaccine, designing Aptamer and rebombinant proteins as a pharmaceutical products such as growth hormones, inhibitors and curing drugs.
This movement of biotechnology through the market baskets as a daily care product made a big growth in big biotechnology companies such as Novo Nordisk, Alexion pharmaceuticals and Regenereon that cost expensive in market stocks and absorb good investment value, but today investors because of highly profit value of cryptocurrencies guide their money through digital cryptocurrencies that is a big threat for biotech stocks and this will become a risk for investors of NASDAQ or NYSE to control the healthy trades through the market to be innovative and supporting society in medical problems. Another risk that cryptocurrencies face biotech companies is that crypto money is using for illegal and unethical purpose out of control of FATF AND central bank of America, and if federal reserve does not control this, soon economic problems will face to the investors and this is a big threat for healthy economy.

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