Does bioinformatics involve learning computer language? what are they?

Does bioinformatics involve learning computer language? what are they?

The direct and short answer to the question that: Does bioinformatics involve learning computer language? Is #YES!

Bioinformatics science is an integrated field of science between biotechnology and computational science that try to use #algorithms, #database, large data mining solution, artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a platform for organizing biological data to use it as a source for genetic engineering and protein engineering or designing strategies like Vaccine design or drug design.

Based on the needs, available technologies, data formats, amount of data, projects goal, server capacity for analysis data and process information, types of algorithms and skills we need a computer programming to be under layers of commands and projects to analyze data by our way.

Computer programming is a basic science we need to do big projects and achieve big results such as doing large data docking projects as what we see in #Corona virus program that did with its antigen to find pathogenesis mechanism, but each language has its own unique application and integrating them will increase standards and results quality.

#R computer programming language use for data mining and statistical study of researches based on 3d modeling and #DOE.

#Python used for most of bioinformatics projects because of simplicity and minimalism in structure and function of commands.

#C & #C++ are 2 computer programming language that is usually use for windows application developers who want to have a normal standard structure for Windows OS.

#Java is a main computer programming language that is used for web application that want to run on the server in associated with PHP and C#

If you want to start learning computer programming it is our suggestion to consult with profession and ask to guide you carefully because sometime computer programming language does not support one project requirements and has not enough resources for handling an algorithm.

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