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Is pharmacy better than biotechnology? Short fast 1 minute answer !

Pharmaceutical science and biotechnology have a near relationship in finding and discovering new solutions for a better life for humans. Pharmacy has a much better scope in my opinion. Pharmacy is an umbrella stream in which you will study all the other subjects (biotech, microbiology, biochem) and also a plethora of other subjects ranging from…

Is biotech stocks a good investment? Short fast 1 minute answer !

Biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries over NASDAQ and NYSE make a big economic power for countries, companies and shareholders all around the world. But one of the main questions usually asked is that is biotech stocks a good investment? Biotech stocks have the potential for significant investment gains if a product is deemed effective and safe….

Is it easy to find a job in biotechnology? Short fast 1 minute answer !

Biotechnology science is one of the pioneer sciences in making job and career opportunities for job seekers all around the world in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries. To summarize, A Biotech Fresher or a Life Science Fresher Does not a Job Easily because they were never prepared for a job. Start analyzing the points mentioned above,…

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