Today #genetic_test made a big change in our life that we can extract history of every one with a simple diagnosis kit and understand #biology of a person, his/her diseases and phenotype from eye color and hair color, this genetic test is result of billion data mining and designing a kits by bioinformatics techniques to understand exact details about some one life.

In animal life we face big challenges and today we have special services, genetic tests and unique personal medicine for animals such as dogs, cats, and all other animals in zoo and jungles. These tests concentrate on a special issue.

But in a special case, usually face challenge, is about if you have DNA from female dog and pup, can you prove the female dog is mother?

The answer is yes! Because mothers give half of genetics content to its child in life mechanism! And in some case there is a unique details helped us understand how marriage change genetic content and feature in phenotype, so we can detect which one is mother and which one is daughter by a simple test that is result of studying sexual chromosome in animal, in this case dogs and solve this problem in normal laboratory in 48 hours and in high tech specified companies in 60 minute!

Because today genetic study with technologies such as #NGS and other modern molecular technique is easy and fast.

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