Today we are facing scientific and industrial challenge that forced us to increase our knowledge about our world and when we are facing with this question that : is Biotechnology really worth taking in a high school course? We have one short answer: it depends on your goal, your way, your money, your communication and your future way, if you know more about things, you will face less challenge and solve problem yourself economically and fast, if you try to do a project and you face a problem you can solve it by reading an article and do it yourself and save your money, but, if you want to know details we should say, YES! Biotechnology science give you vision and ability to start a business very fast and it is important because it is related to the life, and every thing related to life is important.

It is not all and if you continue with biotechnology science in future you will find that lots of big money making industries such as cosmetics, biopharmaceuticals, vaccine, life technologies and lots of things are related to the biotechnology science and if you want to earn a big money reading biotechnology is a key to understand life technologies and use it as a tool for your daily life or your business.

Taking biotechnology course is a good way to understand life, understand technology and take a big goal for your life and this will help you making more money, more freedom and more enjoyable life on the earth, but still there are details that you should consult for it in long term and use it for make a better decision and experience a better high school period

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