About Matica biotechnology:

Matica Biotechnology, Inc. is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in the production of virus-based cell & gene therapies, vaccines, and other precision medicines for our clients. Company GMP facility is currently under construction in College Station, TX, slated to open in Q3 2021.

Matica Bio corporation, an affiliate of CHA Biotech, provides viral vector GMP manufacturing services for cell and gene therapies, vaccines, oncolytic vectors and other advanced therapy products. Our GMP facility in College Station, TX is designed for the rapid development, scale-up and production of Lentivirus and AAV products for clinical supply. Matica Bio offers process development, production, product release and stability assessment of viral vector products; together with the quality oversight and regulatory guidance necessary to ensure our clients’ success.

Company Name:

Matica Biotechnology

Matica biotechnology Type of company:

Company type is Independent Company.

Matica biotechnology Founded:

Matica Biotechnology founded in 2019.

Matica biotechnology Headquarters:

150 Venture Dr Suite 101, College Station, TX 77845, United States

Matica biotechnologyNumber of employees:


In 2021, the Maticabio company had 12 employees.

Company 2021 Revenue:

Matica Biotechnology, Inc. has 12 total employees across all of its locations and generates $2.73 million in sales (USD).

Matica biotechnology Services:

Our viral vector and cell therapy manufacturing platforms have been designed to streamline the CMC development cycle by optimizing biological components, processes and documentation to maximize titers, minimize impurities, and mitigate technical and regulatory risks.

Matica biotechnology Services list is:

1- Cell Line Development:

Clonal selection and growth parameters

Adaptation to suspension-based growth

Media screening and cell culture optimization

Cell banking

2-Process Development:

Vector rescue & development

Plasmid transfection efficiencies

Bioreactor parameter optimization

Improved product profiles

Streamlined scale-up & transfer to GMP production

3-Assay Development:

Method transfer, development & optimization

Phase-appropriate validation & transfer to QC testing lab

Development of GMP grade bill of materials and raw materials testing program

4-GMP Production

Full utilization of single-use technologies

Suspension or adherent processes

Production up to 500L scale

Purification utilizing large-scale filtration and chromatographic unit operations

5-Product Release and Stability Testing

Viral particle titers

Infectivity assays

Molecular assays


Sterility analyses

ICH stability chambers

Reference: https://www.maticabio.com/services

Matica biotechnology website:


Matica biotechnology Address:

Matica Biotechnology Address: Matica Biotechnology, Inc. 150 Venture Drive. Suite 101, College Station, TX

Matica Biotechnology Phone: +1 979-321-7500

Matica Biotechnology Email: info@maticabio.com

Matica biotechnology Contacts:


Matica biotechnology’S CEO:

Yun Jeong Song

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yun-jeong-song-30353b25/

Matica biotechnology Directors Board:

Byung Se So, Wontae Cha, Jin Kim


Company profile on social media:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/matica-biotechnology-inc

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