Novo Nordisk company is one of pioneer biotechnology corporation that act very powerfully in stock market and here is a short review on this company and its function in 2021.

Novo Norkisk short history:

Novo Nordisk is a leading global healthcare company, founded in 1923 and headquartered in Denmark. Our purpose is to drive change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases such as obesity and rare blood and endocrine disorders. We do so by pioneering scientific breakthroughs, expanding access to our medicines, and working to prevent and ultimately cure disease. Novo Nordisk employs about 47,000 people in 80 countries and markets its products in around 170 countries.

Novo Nordisk A/S is a Danish multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Bagsværd, Denmark, with production facilities in eight countries, and affiliates or offices in 5 countries.

Novo Nordisk is a multinational biotech company headquartered in Denmark with production facilities in seven countries and affiliates or offices in 80 countries. The company’s primary focus is diabetes care, hemophilia care, growth hormone therapy, and hormone replacement therapy. The company makes several drugs under various brand names including Levemir, NovoLog, Novolin R, NovoSeven, NovoEight, and Victoza.

Novo Nordisk financial records: short report:

Revenue (TTM): $18.3 billion

Net Income (TTM): $5.8 billion

Market Cap: $118.6 billion

1-Year Trailing Total Return: 0.5%

Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

What is Novo Nordisk known for?

Novo Nordisk manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products and services specifically diabetes care medications and devices. Novo Nordisk is also involved with hemostasis management, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy.

What drugs are made by Novo Nordisk?

Top drugs made by Novo Nordisk are:

Fiasp® (insulin aspart)

GlucaGen® (glucagon)

Levemir® (insulin detemir)

Novolin® 70/30 (70% human insulin isophane suspension and 30% human insulin)

Novolin® N NPH (isophane insulin human suspension)

Novolin® R (insulin human)

How many products does Novo Nordisk make?

Novo Nordisk manufactures, markets and/or distributes more than 22 drugs in the United States. Medications listed here may also be marketed under different names in different countries.

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