#Biology_science as a sci hub and #computer_science change our vision to the deepest aspects of our life and developed our #scientific_method to integrate #physics, #chemistry, #quantom_physics, #marine_biology and #data_science together to get a fully vision through life that can be used for making billion dollar money by big #biopharmaceuticals and #pharmaceuticals companies such as Roche, #Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Eli Lilly. Biology science helps us understanding molecular networks and molecular pathways through pathogenesis and genetic disorders. But large data made by these studies was very hard to understand and classifying by past methods, so computer science helps us identification, classification and coding those information for next studies.

By growth in algorithms and computational technologies, #NGS : Next generation of sequencing data and other omics researches, a very big large data was created that we need #Artificial_intelligence and #machine_learning to understand mechanism and solution for #data_mining and analyzing large data.

By integrating computer science and biology science soon, an integrated field of science generated called #Bioinformatics that do every analysis based on computer science basics. This movement through computerizing process and data lead to a new generation of scientific movement called #biotechnology that tries to create new generation of #Vaccine, engineered protein, Aptamers, mRNA vaccine, CRISPER, mRNA silencing technologies and all others that we have today as a commercial method for engineering and optimizing cellular mechanism, function and structure.

But soon, medical science tries to use biological discoveries and data for medical purpose and new integrated science created such as what we see as medical biotechnology, #biopharmaceuticals startups and immunoinformatics that integrate immunology with computer science and bioinformatics. This movement lead to a new generation of mRNAs Vaccine technology that today made by Pfizer_BioNTech against #COVID19 pandemic and soon we will see vaccine technologies against #HPV, HBV and other virus and bacteria

This is an strategic node through history of science that we have today and soon we face new 3d technologies that simulate and generate life for next century and we will see that life that human will create life based on his needs and genetics technologies only like a simple kids game that montage gene and then new life will create!

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