Short review to SDAP: Structural Database of Allergenic Proteins

SDAP is an onine Web based service that integrates a database of allergenic proteins with various computational and bioinformatics tools that can assist structural biology studies related to allergens. SDAP is a useful important tool in the investigation of the cross-reactivity between known allergens from different databases, in testing the FAO/WHO allergenicity rules for new proteins, and in predicting and simulating the IgE-binding potential of genetically modified food proteins. Using this Internet service through a browser, it is possible to retrieve information related to an allergen from the most common protein sequence and structure databases (SwissProt, PIR, NCBI, PDB), to find sequence and structural neighbors for an allergen to understand structure and function, and to search for the presence of an epitope other the whole collection of allergens.

Access to SDAP is available free of charge for Academic and non-profit use.
Licenses for commercial use can be obtained by contacting W. Braun (
Secure access to SDAP is available from

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