What are fundamentals of programming for learning bioinformatics ?

For start point to learn bioinformatics, we should know what are fundamentals of programming for learning bioinformatics? Usually bioinformatists suggest learning Python because it has a minimum sets of programming things that help you understand and practice in an easy way before joining a hard project with thousands of code lines and connecting objects .
For start point We suggest you read about these commands and as a fundamentals of Python and bioinformatics programming.

1. Variables/Data Types (integer, float, string, byte, char, boolean, etc.)
2. Logic/Branching (if, else, not, or, is, >, <, ==, !=, etc.)
3. Loops (for, while)
4. Functions (returning a value, passing a value)
5. All base data structures (arrays, lists, maps, dictionaries, etc.)

Understanding these command and programming structures will help you to write a small program for analyzing, processing data and after you become a profession with every structure and functions in python programming language, you can start working on more complex algorithms to search for patterns in genome data and maybe large data mining in biological data
Starting point in computer programming is usually hard and confusing but when you write first program, every thing become easy and you will enjoy from being a computer programmer.
Remember: Work on a small project, where you compile all the things you have learned.

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