Genomics science is one of the pioneer biotechnology definitions related to research about genes, DNA and genome. These experimental – analytical techniques contain a series of laboratory techniques about separating, purifying and studying DNA in different ways and then report these bio data with bioinformatics tools in a simple way for next research.

4 main Types of genomics

Researchers in genetics laboratory are studying and experimenting with genomics data for many different purposes from commercial to personal medicine issues but in a simple language we have 4 main types of genomics here

  • Structural genomics: concentrate on determining the structure of every protein encoded by the genome.
  • Functional genomics: concentrate on collecting and using data from sequencing for describing gene and protein functions.
  • Comparative genomics: concentrate on comparing genomics features between different species.
  • Mutation genomics: Studies and concentrates on the genome in terms of mutations that occur in a person’s DNA or genome.

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