What are uncommon forms of biology?

#Biology science is one of exciting field that really give vision to the people about life and change #science medicine and biopharmaceuticals. Biology science because of difference in genetics content and metabolism divide to different categories based on the Biological organism, metabolism, goal and technology vision, this movement made people interest and concentration easy to do. But the main question is there any uncommon forms of biology?

By definition we do not have official definition for these uncommon biology science but there is some uncommon biology category such as #Alien_Biology science that is concentrating on biological agents that are traveling into space and visit earth as an alive planet, These profession are limited and live under super secure condition in Area 51 and #NASA and you will not find anything about them.

Another uncommon biology science is based that, all life are not carbon based and we have life on parallel world and in this world as what we know it as #Goblin_biology and things that really are unknown for society because they will afraid of truth about goblin and angels. But there are lots of camera video and documents that shows they are real and they have affect on this world and some people try to detect them and communicate with them through technologies and they try to understand their structure and function on the earth.

Another uncommon biology science is trying to understand details about astobiology and study effect of starts and other planet energy on human life, they are trying to create a statistical and mathematical model that can define and shows how human affect by universe materials.

And for more, there are more uncommon biology science categories and soon we will write an essay about it.

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