What databases are on NCBI? short fast 1 minute answer!

What databases are on NCBI? short fast 1 minute answer!, Bio Data Technology: Bioinformatics and Biotechnology directory

NCBI or National Center for Biotechnology Information is one of top pioneer references in the world of bioinformatics and biotechnology science that collect and share all biological related researches and databases in one platform with a standard format that is readable and easy to use for everyone everywhere.

NCBI resources include Entrez, the Entrez Programming Utilities, MyNCBI, PubMed, PubMed Central, Gene, the NCBI Taxonomy Browser, BLAST, BLAST Link (BLink), Primer-BLAST, COBALT, Splign, RefSeq, UniGene, HomoloGene, ProtEST, dbMHC, dbSNP, dbVar, Epigenomics, the Genetic Testing Registry, Genome and related tools.

You can find more in their website at

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