What do we need for learning bioinformatics ?

One of big and repeated question about bioinformatics is that: what do we need for learning bioinformatics and how we can learn it, fast, complete and as a useful skill for business or study .

Another name for bioinformatics is Bio Data Technology and art of processing laboratory data for achieving fast, new and innovative solution for making life better. For learning bioinformatics we need a computational tool: that today with series of servers and online platforms, we can use only a simple android device, but if you want to go deep you will need a Desktop computer or lap top to manage, process and handle bioinformatics tools.

Computational hardware:

Primary step is to have a suitable computational hardware that can help you running your programs and services to achieve results. This can be Simple Desktop, Lap top or a simple android Tablet or Mobile phone!

Note Book!

Physical note book help you have a better experience of writing, managing and creating project with step by step roadmap, so Having note book and pen help you writing reports and this can lead you through a time management system for make works on time and understand your errors and mistakes.

Data Base:

Data bases help you organize information for decreasing risks and accelerating accessing information needed in each step of bioinformatics processes.


Finding suitable software that is compatible with your OS and absolutely with your hardware config is very important, another issue that would impact selecting a software as a tool for bioinformatics processes is what algorithms and which solution each software use to analyze our data, does it have commercial or educational license, is it indexed as a good tool for process in essays and journals ? Can it process special type of information, formats? and at least, can it be a good solution for us to use it as a tool in our projects?

Online platforms:

Today, Bioinformatics software developers protect their algorithms and solutions with publishing their projects in online platforms and this will help users achieve new tools, algorithms and solution with less price and less computer science skills. this help lots of students and technologists to become a developer in the world of bioinformatics.

Selecting an online platforms need details and tips that we have a review on it in future. but publishers rights, licenses, accessibility for a special country and special purpose are limited some times that can make big problem for users in any type.

Desk, Tea and Deep breathe!

Yes, you will need a desk for long time sitting and a tea to drink ( or a Coffee ) and breathing deep to get oxygen to brain for understanding details and tricks!

Enjoy Bioinformatics World

Now you are in a bioinformatics world and you can process any information .Enjoy life with bioinformatics.

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