What is Food Biotechnology? A short note

Food biotechnology is a new integrated field of Biotechnology and Food processes. This field usually try to create new food by changing quantity an quality of foods.

Microorganisms in food

Microorganisms as a main processors of primary material during fermentation and food process are targeted to be engineer to be optimized in processes and make more products.

Food biopreservation

As a human and user of all products related to biotechnology, we need to have rules, laws and preservation from risks and threats. Food Biopreservation is a new issue that target risks and threats human food during biotechnological processes and companies.

Food Spoilage:

Food spoilage is a one of big risks that threat human food in storage process. There are lots of solution for protect human food from risks such as physical damages, microbial pollution, yeast and mold pollution and warm air risks. All of these become a special field in biotechnology that target protecting food from spoilage.

Food Safety and Quality

Safety is a fist issue in human and this important point create big governmental regulators that protect foods from poison and threats that are risks for human heath.

Food borne diseases:

Disease are making big pandemic and create risks for human life such as COVID-19 that we are facing during 2020. protecting human from disease transferred by food is a very important point that usually health minister and food regulators are focusing on monitoring food risks for transferring disease all the time 24 hours a week.

Food fermentation

One of main issue in food biotechnology is about food fermentation processes and standards that help safety, quality and result in a standard mood that protect society from unwanted risks.

Fermented and microbial foods/products

Fermented products are one of main issue in food biotechnology, such as yogurt, wine and …

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Microbial foods are important for human health and controlling genetic and equality in these food are important so, Food biotechnology rules and laws from regulators and laboratories help creating good food.

Genetically Modified Foods

Fruits and foods sometime will become under genetically engineering to make better product, quality and quantity. This will make a major area in food biotechnology.

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