What is Immunoinformatics ?

Today, New integrated scientific fields, change our vision to future and mechanism of life, And immunoinformatics as a new field of science. Big data relevant to immunology researches has been accumulated due to sequencing of genomes of the human and other model organisms for understanding mechanism of life and protecting life from threats.. At the same time, huge amounts of clinical and epidemiologic data are being deposited in various scientific literature and clinical records on different researches and platforms. This accumulation of the information is like a gold mine for researchers looking for mechanisms of immune structure and function and disease pathogenesis. Thus the need to handle this rapidly growing immunological resource has given rise to the field known as immunoinformatics. Immunoinformatics, otherwise known as computational immunology, is the integrated science between computer science and experimental immunology. It represents the use of computational methods and resources for the understanding of immunological information. It not only helps in dealing with huge amount of data but also plays a great role in defining new hypotheses related to immune responses. This science have a review on classical immunology, different databases, and prediction tool. Further, it briefly describes applications of immunoinformatics in reverse vaccinology, immune system modeling, and cancer diagnosis and therapy. It also explores the idea of integrating immunoinformatics with systems biology for the development of personalized medicine. All these efforts save time and cost to a great extent.

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