What is industrial biotechnology ?

Industrial biotechnology is a vision to biotechnology to guide products and services directly to homes and real world. This field of science is supporting different area related to food and enzyme,

Industrially important microbial genera:

This field concentrate on developing approved bacterial platform for producing proteins and other microbial products.

Industrially important enzymes

Designing, optimizing and developing multiple structure industrial enzymes that are using in different industries from leather to food industries.

Microbial fermentation (types, parameter, kinetics):

Microorganism as a main target for designing and optimizing metabolism pathway to produce a special product will become main issue in this process for optimizing, types, parameter and kinetic for producing better product.

Fermentation products (Microbial, Animal cell and Plants)

Fermentation is one of major industrial process that produce lots of products such as wine and drinks. This fermentation based on organism divide to microbial, animal cell and plants.

Fermentors / Bioreactors:

Fermentors and Bioreactors are important and optimized for each bio- processes in industries and help us to achieve more quantity and quality in processes.

Applications (Food, Feed, Textile, Pharmaceuiticals, Paper and Pulp)

Based on end products in Fermentors Industrial biotechnology divide to Food, Feed, Textile, Pharmaceuticals, paper and pulp biotechnology.

Recovery and purification of fermentation products

This process saved lots of money in high value Biotechnology industries and help achieving pharmaceutical grade products at the end of process that usually control by regulator laws .


Producing fuel and energy is a very important issue that help human make energy from waste and unusable products in nature and industries.

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