What makes biotech stocks spike?

#Biotechnology companies #stock price is a very complex formula in #market and for #traders its important to understand basic technology and structure of these companies and their products and process of regulator that is usually #FDA: Food and Drug Administer of America for licensing a product to be on the market.

The next important thing is how governmental organization and social non-governmental organization react to their new products and is it compatible with ethical and national values of target country or not!

Lets open this issue for stock analyzers as a profession stock options to get a better vision. Stock price get its power from social request and these request are under control of stock advice’s, stock advisors and stock signals that shares between groups of traders and even a group is bigger, the stock price become more challengable because when you check the brokers you will find a special statistics about information shared by them in different channel, TV show, Instagram and telegram channels and this is not all. You will find these stock review and information are shaping market requests and stock price in 3 different stage, short term, mid term and long term.

But main average price of a stock in market is related to people behavior and react to that product and regulator license and environmental factors that control requests in physical market. For example when we see stock charts we will find that price of companies that develop vaccine and biopharmaceuticals related to #COVID19 such as #Pfizer, #Moderna and #Novavax that produce products about corona increased by start point of pandemic and their stock price will decrease by middle of 2022 because new change will happen against #Corona and prevention will change to cheap cure process by drugs against this disease.

Usually big Biopharmaceutical companies that has access to series of patent related to dangerous virus and bacteria that threat our society by pandemic behavior, is a good stock in long term such as #STDs related drugs for #HPV, #HIV and #Syphilis. But there is a big challenge that technology and strategy of these pharmaceutical products how compete with each other in market such as what we see Pfizer #BioNTech mRNA vaccine win the competition against covid19 vaccination during societies.

And soon after pandemic we face #cancer and aging problem that new technologies such as #Cancer_vaccine and #CRISPER will take a revolutionary movement through stock markets and we will see how their stocks spike through market in real reaction not fake one.

Another important thing about biotech stocks is environment, global warming and social culture and technologies because all of those radar wave, radio frequencies and wifi technologies in long term will affect human body function and we will see new generation of neural cancer problem in high tech society that need a cure and then, biotech stocks related to drugs and pharmaceutical products related to cancer will spike.

So its important to have a roadmap about diseases, environment changes, technologies and patents of companies and soon we will find a secret key that help us understand best biotech stocks in market!

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