What to do after finishing Bachelor science in Biotechnology

Every people look for a better condition and better future in their life, and students usually face this big question that what should they do after finishing bachelor science in Biotechnology. This question is a very important because after finishing a course usually people look for a red carpet and a luxury job and free life! But it is a start point for creating life better and it depends on your way .

First step is to understand that university doesn’t teach you enough skills and laboratory techniques. This is not a good news, but when you understand it, you will find your way to the future,

What do you want to do exactly ?

As a bachelor science you can start a 3 to 5 years technician period in laboratories, R&D and some companies as a technician or product line manager ( in some case, not all ) . but it is you and your way and value of money, time, costs and energy you have to pass a way to future, for a better communicating with professions companies, it is better to have master science but some time working a company help you do it your self and earning money and achieve it with diploma or passing some course.

As a bachelor science you have this challenge to compete with master science students and PhD students. This will make your competition to achieve more money, better job very hard, but it is not the end, if you find your way and pass some good course such as computer programming, bioinformatics, immunoinformatics, Good Laboratory Practice and … you make your chance bigger by passing this course.

Remember this is a hard process for finding a best way to a good job, but being in a company, working with people and communicating help you achieving more and work make work & money make money more and more. This is rule and this is a way for you to become a profession in your field.

As a bachelor science Biotechnology profession you can do lots of work from designing a PCR Kit for special disease detection to start a business of selling biotechnology products to laboratories, research departments and groups.

The most important issue in this way is a continues movement forward through goals and protecting yourself and your way.

Enjoy life, Biotechnology have lots of surprise for researchers and workers.

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