What type of jobs are in biotechnology?

Biotechnology jobs have different roles and responsibilities in biotech and pharmaceutical industries and for the job seekers it’s important to find a suitable biotech job offer that covers their skills, abilities and responsibilities.

These are job titles that hire as a biotechnologist in the food, pharmaceutical and fermentation industries in America.

Biotechnology Jobs titles:

Biotechnology jobs usually hire different titles that we listed here and we will talk about them and their responsibilities.

Biomedical Engineer.


Medical Scientist.

Clinical Technician.


Process Development Scientist.

Biomanufacturing Specialist.

Business Development Manager.

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers play an important role in electromedical industries developing electronic parts of diagnostics kits, designing new biotech lab equipment and devices to make human life better with a qualified health measuring and analyzing. This could be divided into two divisions from hardware to software and sometimes they join in silico laboratory processes to analyze Bio data extracted from drug discoveries projects and test the new therapeutic molecules by bioinformatics and immunoinformatics tools.


Biochemists in association with biophysicists handle detecting, analyzing, categorizing, nominating, and classifying chemical and physical features of elements, compounds and complex in the biotech lab to make sure about accuracy of bio processes for the researches and developing commercial products in the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Medical Scientist

Medical scientists concentrate on the projects that target to detect, analyze, classify pathogens and human diseases and develop reports and bio data for new therapeutic molecules and cure solutions in medicine.

Clinical Technician

A clinical Technician as a biotechnologist handles tests before molecular diagnostic processes such as getting blood from the patients, and making the bio samples ready and after that report the bio data extracted from the tests for the medical doctors and patients. Clinical technician also known as Medical laboratory technician and this is one of high demand positions in biotechnology job offers.


A microbiologist in the biotech industries plays an important role with microbial and viral analysis in the food and pharmaceutics samples and consulting the Bio R&D sector by studying, diagnosing, classifying and understanding different microorganisms for handling technical issues from genetic engineering to the bioprocess optimization.

Microbiologists in the biotech industries usually study the bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi to have a better metabolism engineering.

Process Development Scientist

One of the important sectors in biotech industries is the metabolism engineering sector that in an industrial vision handled by process development scientists that by understanding each molecular interaction in the metabolism pathway design, optimize and develop new interactions in the bio processes. These process chemists known as process development scientists detect, analyze and monitor these chemical and bio processes and products to ensure their quality and quantity.

Biomanufacturing Specialist

One of the exciting highest paying jobs for biotechnologists in America is Biomanufacturing. It is one of the high demand biotech job positions that will pay very well to the Biomanufacturing specialists. This job position responsibilities rely on the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards that run in the biotech lab and control the safety of biotechnology laboratory equipment during the biotechnology projects and Bio R&D.

These specialists handle the standards of devices, equipment and laboratory experiments in clean rooms and laboratories to make sure about biosafety and biosecurity.

Business Development Manager

Every business and big companies need a manager to handle and organize events, things and projects and monitor the processes and human resources of the company.

Business Development Manager in the biotechnology industries design, run and optimize the policies for economic growth and branding, research for new market opportunities and designing a roadmap.

Biotechnology Jobs overview

As a biotechnologist your skills, abilities, communication skills, the people you know and the job titles are a series of important factors that will guide you through a good job. For these issues you should make sure you have enough information about the biotechnology jobs types for finding a good job offer and handle it for a good payment.

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