What would you say to a classmate who said that he wanted to fulfill his science requirement by taking environmental science so he could avoid chemistry?

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Science is our vision to the world, our understanding about different aspect of things structure and function through #ethical_values that let us understand it and change it for a better life. So when we try to understand complexity and relationship between materials, molecules and atomic behavior through a material that in large scale made our genetics, our chemistry material that we call it our body. All of there can give us vision through the reality of this world with each other and in contact with each other and classification of them through environmental biology, chemistry and physics is our solution to make them smaller and easier to understand .

When we are facing students needs and question about he wanted to fullfill his science requirement by taking environmental science so he could avoid chemistry, we have one answer, yes you can do it, it is possible but in long term you will face challenges that you may need other people to join your team and increase costs and time of your project in future because you will not have enough scientific and budget resources for doing bigger projects. And also for becoming on top researches and projects you will need vision to chemistry, for understanding details, experimental data, commercial reports about your products chemistry, or reading chemistry analysis data about your job space and other aspects of your job that you will face chemistry.

Yes, chemistry is under layers of biology and environmental science that hidden under name of environmental science but if you decide to avoid chemistry you will face challenges and risks in your future projects, jobs and processes because controlling chemical standards and reporting scientific documents to regulators and monitoring organization needs your scientific vision to chemistry.

So its better for long term better position and condition have a short vision to chemistry to understand it and solve your problem yourself with lowest risks and lowest price, you will understand it when you become in a job and you will face needs that change your saved money for a simple project.

My suggestion is to consult more with more people and they will give truth vision through your decisions.