Which course is best after getting BSC in biotechnology ?

When students finish bachelor science of biotechnology from university and come out of academic environment they will find something really different that make them confusing about their future and their vision to the life. One of their questions is about, Which course is best after getting BSC in biotechnology?

Answer this question depend on lots of factors, such as what is your next destination and where are you going for next step, are you going to university for master science in Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical companies ?, Diagnostics laboratory or protein engineering companies ?

Based on your field, interests and vision to future you can choose different courses, but as a biotechnologist, if you are looking for a better future, it is good to pass Bioinformatics and industrial standards and techniques courses.

These courses make you ready for facing challenges and making yourself ready for jobs . But it is not guarantee that you will find a job about it. But it can make your resume powerful and make you more ready for communicating with companies, start-ups and technology centers.

As a biotechnologist you should know that there are lots of fields in your way, but you should concentrate on biotechnology, because this will make you money, value and social position. But it is now always true and some time after biotechnology you will find a better job in a better position.

So it is important to see technologies, positions and future vision available for you in your area and try to be best of yourself and your area.


Bioinformatics help you understanding bio-molecules and design and optimize new molecules based on statistical and computational methods. This science need a mathematical brain and a love to hours and hours calculation and playing with information and algorithms and computer programs and this will help you finding the best answer in the moments .Bioinformatics usually take over 2 to 5 years, understanding, working and become profession in skills and technology.

Industrial courses:

Industrial biotechnology have lots of standards and courses that make you ready for working as a technician in a laboratory or clean industrial zones. This will help you be ready for challenges against microbial pollution and threats . These courses usually take best students for industries directly and help you find your way directly but it is important to understand who is teaching you, and how they use different references and experimental data for teaching and making you ready to go directly to industrial zones.

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