Laboratories has unique vision for researches, for results and future and this is the point everything started for designing a laboratory and its instruments.

When we found a laboratory based on goals, technologies and techniques, things become different and we will face needs and solution that are different with each other. The minimal fast answer to this question that why instruments used in small laboratories are different from large laboratories? Is that because of budget, results needed, time and technician that are in laboratory we need different equipment in size, price, accuracy and simplicity in use because of risks, budget and professionalization of technicians.

Let us open it in simple steps: first of all for a student size laboratories, such as biology laboratory or biotechnology laboratory we need equipment with less accuracy, more compatible with physical challenges and less risk in repair and buying a new one!

But in research and development laboratory usually in biopharmaceuticals industries and vaccine design labs, we need a high accuracy, data collection, standards and details that help us achieve our best answers. These laboratory equipment usually should support parallel experiments and running multiple experiment in a same time for time management and extracting large data, so they should support robotic experiments! And last option

in industrial research and development laboratory we are facing challenge in volume, and repeatedly experiments that set up before so we need to equipment that are compatible for running one experiment several time and working with large volume because usually they used to set up large volume data for industrial purpose and this is the reason difference in laboratory equipment shaped and made different forms of one laboratory instrument in market .

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