Bioinformatics is a new integrated field of science connecting different subject from computer programming to biology, statistics and large data mining and … . And big quest at a start point is why I should become a bioinformatics scientist ? So Let’s start with a question: “What made us interested in Bioinformatics?”. If you know the exact answer to this question it will be much easier for you to pass the way, and you will be able to set a clear goal based on it.

It is really important for biology and computer science students to understand why and what you actually want to do in the field of Bioinformatics. And this will guide you to a big repeated question that: “What is Bioinformatics science , and what can we do with it?”.

Primary answer for this question make beginner confusing and probably not helpful at all. Because every one see bioinformatics with their vision and goals. So as a beginner we should concentrate on a clear exact goal. That which problem we are going to solve with studying bioinformatics in research, industry and any other place. Because world is full of bioinformatist doesn’t know exactly what is their goals and why are they following bioinformatics and this make start point harder to get started . But do not worry because it is a step that we should pass it with getting consult and understanding what can we do with bioinformatics ?!

Bioinformatics can help you understand bio-molecules, analyze them, optimize them, engineer them and create similar molecule or discover new function or new structures for a special purpose, such as Drug Discovery, Protein engineering, Drug Design, Vaccine Design, new diagnostics kits and other purpose that target, economic, health, food and safety .

You can find your goal during articles and essays over BioDataTechnology corporation and this will be a start point for you to find it. You should understand process, time, costs and way bioinformatists solve problems in biotechnology or pharmaceutical science. Some of them using large data mining for solving a problem and some of them using a little computational tools as a solution for big problem in genetic, biology or microbiology.

So if you want to find an answer, why you should become a bioinformatist, you should try to understand What bioinformatics can do for us? Then find your ability, costs and energy to become a member of this big scientific field.

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