Are there any high school bioinformatics projects?

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Are there any high school bioinformatics projects?

#Bioinformatics science is an amazing experience of using different #algorithms, #computational methods, software, tools and mathematics methodology, statistical solution and #biology science. And today changed our vision through the world reality and absolutely changed face of economy by designing vaccine and make billion dollar earning for #biopharmaceuticals company such as #J&J, #AstraZeneca and #BioNTech company.

Bioinformatics in associated with immunoinformatics and computational biology made lots of works and projects all around the world. But there is a big challenge for you high school students who want to join this field of science to earn money or experience it and they ask are there any high school bioinformatics projects?

Answer to this question is very hard, but trust me, if any one want to find it, he will find it very easy and it rely on your geographical position and your skills.

If you love it, you can find an online course or job, usually these jobs for high school students will be series of simple repeatedly jobs that want them to analyze one data with one algorithms or tool with a simple method. So joining them, can not teach you a lot but it will give you experience and communication and negotiation skills. The only things you need is to email them and ask them for a job so they will answer you, absolutely 1/ 100 to 1/1000 requests

try to email university, but our suggestion is that pass biotechnology and bioinformatics course then you can have more skills to do it your self and do something that have effect on your future, on your income and on your skills. Trust me, join courses and ask professors and companies about their projects and join them in this way will help you find a good job and find a good skill about bioinformatics.

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