Why are these types of DNA important to tracking people and their ancestors?

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#DNA is a deepest encrypted language that has all secrets of the world, the life and earth! Complexity of this molecule as a genetic code that define our face, our way, our goal and our behaviors is a very exciting science that will change future of earth. And today our knowledge based on #NGS: Next generation of sequencing data and bioinformatics algorithms that do analysis on these big data with machine learning and artificial intelligence increased and we are facing new questions about source of life on the planet.

But for understand why DNA is a very important for us we should have a vision through the DNA basic science such as mechanism of DNA Ancestry test, DNA repair mechanism, DNA replication mechanism, DNA and RNA relationship in molecular pathways and interaction through cells. When we understand that these molecule are basic science of our vision through this world and its material then we will face #RNA & #Protein details and complexity. But why are these type of DNA important to tracking people and their ancestors? The main answer means by growth of technology that DNA can not lie on documents and it is hard to make a fake DNA in researches because details are very high and complex out of human power in 2021 to make an artificial DNA and this molecule is unique for everyone and next technology for make a better world is personal medicine and for more security human will need a very unique identity test that is #DNA, this is the reason forensic science concentrated on DNA and use it as a reference for criminals scene.

This is not all and future technology will help us create a tree life on the earth to study history differently and understanding who did what? And judge them based on DNA on the earth. So this is important to increase our knowledge, our forensic science techniques about DNA and our vision to use DNA technology as a reference for tracking and understanding history.

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